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Windows Live Local – Virtual Earth Technology Preview:

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Links for the April 1

Hubble Resolves Expiration Date For Green Cheese Moon
The Blog Widget Competition Begins

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Quick Rant

Well since I work in a call center providing the public with tech help, IE hooking up tvs and junk, I get to talk with all sorts of people. Some of these people are rather smart and some aren’t. If 80 percent of the people who call in would actually take the time to open up their Users Manuals and read it, it would solve alot of their problems and they would n’t have to sit on hold for half an hour or “forever”.

If I hear, “I paid $300 for this product, and now its broke!” I’m going to go off. It’s like I really care on how much you really spend on your tv considering I deal with people who have spent more that 5 grand on it.

Another rant is if you call for tech help, please have your model number. The line “Its a 42 inch Plasma” does not narrow down your particular model. Hint for most of you if you buy a LCD or Plasma, and plan on mounting it on the wall write your model number and serial number on your users manual BEFORE you mount it on the wall.

There I feel better. Now maybe I can take some more calls

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Sapphire Releases Water Cooled X1900 XTX

Sapphire produces a 3-slot Radeon X1900 XTX water-cooled from factory

Sapphire has given word to us that its unique Blizzard Radeon X1900 XTX video card is now shipping. The card stands out from other X1900 XTX cards by including a factory integrated water-cooling device, which mountsSapphire x1900XTX a copper water block on the GPU for maximum heat dissipation. Those interested in Sapphire’s card will have to take caution however, as the card consumes considerable space. With standard Radeon X1900 XTX boards already taking up two expansion bays, Sapphire’s monster card takes up an additional bay for a total of three slots.

Quick Specifications:

  • Blizzard Cooling System
  • Copper water block and radiator
  • 512MB GDDR3 memory
  • 650MHz Core
  • 1550MHz Memory
  • PCIe 16x native
  • Dual DVI outputs
  • Video In/Video Out connectors

Interestingly, the water cooling unit also comes equipped with an electronic fan which helps move air over the radiators for increased performance. The fan can be turned on or off depending on how far a customer chooses to overclock the board. The card’s onboard memory chips are cooled by conventional heatsinks, which while adequate, don’t really provide balanced cooling performance. Overclocking the card’s memory would be improved had there been a heat pipe connecting all the memory heatsinks to the water-block.


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What do you use?

“What do you use?” is the question I am asking. What I mean is what do you use as a RSS feed reader while at work. Most companies, frown upon third party programs being downloaded onto their workstations and networks, so how do you keep up to date with your feeds, email or IM’s?

As for myself, I have been using Google’s Reader. It’s a nice little online RSS feed reader to keep up on your feeds. Whats different about Google’s Reader that other readers? Nothing really, but I personally do like most of Google’s products, plus if I do get yelled at for using it, at least its coming from Google.

I don’t know the real point of this post but I guess I will list the small list of feeds I read.

I’ll be adding more as I go along, If I forgot anyone I’m sorry. Well time to move on. Also if anyone has any suggestions on sites I should read, or about other online readers let me know

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Would You Like Fires With Your Plasma TV?

Philips Electronics said on Friday that nearly 12,000 plasma TVs it sold in the United States are vulnerable to overheating, and plans to visit customers’ houses to replace the faulty component. Consumers will be contacted directly, and Philips declined to say how much the fix will cost the company.


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Tech Nudge

I work for Philips and can tell you this is false. It is only certain units with the ambilight feature. I wish people would read the whole thing not just pieces of press releases. Not to knock Bill over at Tech Nudge, he’s just reposting content from other “major” news Sources.

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Nintendo DS Lite Launched

Nintendo DS Lite
By: Chief Gizmateer
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

The Nintendo DS Lite was released a couple weeks ago over in Asia and luckily the Geeks know where to get it… directly from Asia! Nintendo products are region-free meaning it does not matter where you play the device because it’s a universal system! As long as you can read English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German or Italian you will be able to play the DS Lite.

Imagine getting your hands on a DS Lite long before it’s sold in the US and being the envy of your fellow portable gaming geeks! By the way, I’ve only really seen great reviews on this product.

The new, more compact version of the Nintendo DS, DS Lite comes in at 215 grams in weight, 133mm wide, 73.9mm high and 21.5mm deep – 42% smaller and 21% lighter than the original design. The DS Lite also features a brightness settings which can be adjusted to 4 different settings.

Is the Nintendo DS Lite worth fighting over (video) though?


Gizmos for Geeks

Real Teach News

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Just A quick post

Well since I let my other domain end, I will use this one for my ramblings and opinions on tech and whatever else. My other wordpress site is which is mainly space photos and images.

About me: I am a computer geek that happens to work for Philips technical support. So in other words I help stupid rich people hook up their 3000+ tv’s…I’ll be adding more content as I go along

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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