Links for the April 1

Hubble Resolves Expiration Date For Green Cheese Moon
The Blog Widget Competition Begins

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What do you use?

“What do you use?” is the question I am asking. What I mean is what do you use as a RSS feed reader while at work. Most companies, frown upon third party programs being downloaded onto their workstations and networks, so how do you keep up to date with your feeds, email or IM’s?

As for myself, I have been using Google’s Reader. It’s a nice little online RSS feed reader to keep up on your feeds. Whats different about Google’s Reader that other readers? Nothing really, but I personally do like most of Google’s products, plus if I do get yelled at for using it, at least its coming from Google.

I don’t know the real point of this post but I guess I will list the small list of feeds I read.

I’ll be adding more as I go along, If I forgot anyone I’m sorry. Well time to move on. Also if anyone has any suggestions on sites I should read, or about other online readers let me know

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