Quick Rant

Well since I work in a call center providing the public with tech help, IE hooking up tvs and junk, I get to talk with all sorts of people. Some of these people are rather smart and some aren’t. If 80 percent of the people who call in would actually take the time to open up their Users Manuals and read it, it would solve alot of their problems and they would n’t have to sit on hold for half an hour or “forever”.

If I hear, “I paid $300 for this product, and now its broke!” I’m going to go off. It’s like I really care on how much you really spend on your tv considering I deal with people who have spent more that 5 grand on it.

Another rant is if you call for tech help, please have your model number. The line “Its a 42 inch Plasma” does not narrow down your particular model. Hint for most of you if you buy a LCD or Plasma, and plan on mounting it on the wall write your model number and serial number on your users manual BEFORE you mount it on the wall.

There I feel better. Now maybe I can take some more calls

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